About St. Johnsbury

This watershed along the upper reaches of the Connecticut River that divides New Hampshire’s granite from Vermont’s Green Mountains inspires great minds and great passion. From the earliest Abenaki settlements, this is a valley that draws people to stop and appreciate the beauty and abundance of the land.

St. Johnsbury owes its most visible heritage to the Fairbanks family, specifically the brothers Thaddeus and Erastus who arrived in this valley in the early 1800’s with little more than a wagon and innovative ideas. The brothers patented and produced the platform scale, bridging the agricultural economy with the needs of a nascent industrial commercial system. Their company – Fairbanks Scales – succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations, reaching markets around the world. In the process, St. Johnsbury became one of the most prosperous towns in the Northeast.

The Fairbanks family founded institutions dedicated to education and the arts for the people of St. Johnsbury. Today, cultural institutions – the St. Johnsbury Academy, St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium, and Catamount Arts – offer an astonishing variety of world-class programs and events for audiences of all ages.

St. Johnsbury’s Victorian roots remain strong, and new dimensions of the community add vitality and variety. A regional hospital, the largest weekly farmers’ market in the area, and striking art galleries enrich everyday life. All this happens in a community with more bridges than traffic lights, more spires than chain stores and more surprises than you expect!

About the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission and Purpose

St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce stimulates and promotes the vitality of St. Johnsbury’s cultural, commercial, and community resources. As both a Chamber of Commerce and a Designated Downtown organization, part of the National Main Street Program, we combine the economic and commercial goals of a Chamber with the structure of a Designated Downtown organization. This powerful partnership helps us serve the people and businesses of St. Johnsbury efficiently and effectively.

The designated downtown map shows this Municipal District, which is the focus of the National and State Main Street programs.


The St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2001 as a non-profit 501c3 and as the organization to represent the Town of St. Johnsbury’s Designated Downtown. In 2010, we changed our name to St. Johnsbury Works! dba St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce, and usually refer to ourselves as the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce. We are part of the National Main Street program, and a local chamber.

As a 501c3 charitable organization, focused on education and revitalization activities, contributions are tax deductible charitable contributions.

National Main Street Program

We are part of the National Main Street Program and continue to follow their proven downtown revitalization strategy, the Four Point approach. For more information on downtown revitalization and its role in economic development of a community read the article Downtown Revitalization.

Because St. Johnsbury has a community-funded Designated Downtown Organization, businesses operating and projects taking place in the designated downtown district may be eligible for several different incentives including Federal and State funding and tax credits. For more about Vermont’s Designated Downtowns, click here.